About Me

Dear family

Thank God for his grace & mercy that has enabled me to contribute to the construction work of His kingdom, He is worthy to be praised. What an awesome privilege to be employed by the creator of the universe.

Born Leon Lloyd Robinson on the 2 June 1962 in Nottingham England to Oscar and Vena Robinson. My father was an employee of British Rail for 49 years and my mother worked in the NHS for a number of years.

I have three brothers one older brother and two younger. I have a biological son and two stepchildren.

I left home at 19 years of age intending to work both at home and abroad as a professional singer using the gift God had given me. I was able to achieve this and had the opportunity to work here in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and many other countries.

After many years of being away from home, I met my wife of 18 years, Paulette and decided to take up full-time employment whilst continuing to perform. Then nothing short of a miracle happened when I encountered Jesus in my car since then my life has never been the same.

Being pastored by Pastor Dennis Greenidge & Rev Rosemary Taylor of World Wide Mission Fellowship (WWMF), West Norwood London, has helped me to grow and mature in the word of God. Since becoming a member and receiving the right hand of fellowship in 2012 God has used me in a tremendous way; all glory goes to Him. The Lord has enabled me to be part of the choir and the praise & worship team. I’m so grateful for being used and I have had the privilege of travelling to many countries of the world doing the kings work. I repeat, What a privilege!

During this time of transformation, I’ve been given songs to declare the good news of  Jesus Christ. My prayer is that my immediate family, friends and work colleagues will encounter that which I experienced as I asked God to come into my life.

This EP compliments everything that I believe in; that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and there’s is no other way to heaven. John 3:16

God bless, Shalom